Panic due to ‘cheating’ of the heart after Corona! Heart attack can come even without realizing


Case-1Meerut incident. Date 04 December. Three friends were going somewhere at night. One sneezed and a 20-22 year old boy fell down. He died as soon as he fell. He was immediately taken to the doctor, but he could not be saved. Cause of death- Heart attack.

Case-2 : Bareilly incident date 04 December. Morning aarti was going on in the school. 23-year-old teacher Govind Deval’s health suddenly started deteriorating. Other fellow teachers took him to the doctor, but he could not be saved. Cause of death- Heart attack.
Case-3 : A case of Lucknow dated 03 December. In Bhadwana village of Mahilabad region, a bride died as soon as she garlanded the groom. The bride fell on the stage as soon as she wore the garland. Took to the doctors, but died. Cause of death- Heart attack.
Case-4 : This matter is of Varanasi. Date 25 November. Uncle suddenly fell down while dancing in nephew’s wedding. Some dance steps were made to the people, but after a while it was found that he had died. Name was Manoj Vishwakarma and age was 40 years. Manoj fell so much that he never got up again. Cause of death- Heart attack.
Case-5: A 35-year-old gym trainer died of a heart attack in Ghaziabad. The incident is of November only. He was sitting on a chair, suddenly rolled backwards and could not get up again. Cause of death- Heart attack.

Heart attack increased after Covid

According to Queen Mary University of London, blood clotting cases have tripled in patients who did not even have severe Covid. While the cases of blood clotting have increased 27 times in severe Covid patients. Heart failure cases increased 21 times and stroke cases increased 17 times. Before Covid in America, about 1.5 lakh heart attack cases were reported every year, which increased by 14% after the first wave of Corona and 44% after the second wave. The average age of heart attack patients was between 24 and 44.

cpr can save lives

This is called cardiopulmonary resuscitation. If a person gets CPR in the early hours after a heart attack, the chances of saving life increase three times. CPR is helpful in making the blood flow in the body.

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