These 3 qualities in your wife can make life a heaven, can open husband’s luck


Chanakya Niti For Bride: The decision to get married is the biggest decision of anyone’s life. This decision cannot be taken in haste. Haste in taking this decision can ruin the whole life. Making a marriage successful depends on both husband and wife. Although there are constant quarrels between wives and husbands, but when these quarrels take a big turn, then the matter becomes very big. In such a situation, the policies told by Acharya Chanakya can be very helpful for your life.

Acharya Chanakya has mentioned many things about choosing a life partner in his Niti Shastra. Acharya Chanakya in his policy has mentioned those qualities of a woman which fills the life of her husband and family with happiness after marriage. If you see these qualities in your partner then she can make your life heaven. Tell us

follow religion

According to Chanakya, a woman committed to dharma knows the difference between right and wrong. This gives guidance not only to his family but also to the society. A woman who believes in religion does not allow the peace and happiness of the house to be disturbed. She also inculcates religious qualities in her children. This saves many generations.

know how to control anger

According to Chanakya, control over anger should come not only to men but also to women. Anger is such a dark emotion within us that can break any relationship in a jiffy. History is also a witness that many big empires were ruined due to not being able to control anger. Both boys and girls should know how to control their anger. By doing this life can be happy.


According to Chanakya, girls who after marriage do not think of any man other than their husband. They are called chastity. Such a partner always stands with her husband in his happiness and sorrow. Never leave them in such trouble. Therefore, while selecting a girl for marriage, instead of her face, attention should be paid to her qualities and customs.

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