Health News: Diabetes patients should make this change in diet, blood sugar will always be under control, energy will also incre


People who have diabetes should pay enough attention to their diet and health. Diabetics should include plenty of plant-based proteins in their diet plan if they are vegetarian. Following a vegetarian diet can be difficult for non-vegetarians with type 2 diabetes, as protein options are limited except for animal products such as meat and fish. Consuming quality fiber carbohydrates is essential for balancing blood sugar, while solid proteins should be included in the diet. What are the things diabetic patients who are vegetarian should pay special attention to?

शुगर लेवल बढ़ते ही पैरों में दिखने लगते हैं ये लक्षण, लापरवाही से आ सकती है  पैर काटने की नौबत - Diabetes symptoms in your feet signs indicate high  blood sugar levels

Vegetarian diet is not a cure for diabetes, but it has many advantages as compared to non-vegetarian diet. The diet plan of vegetarian diabetics should be healthy so that the blood sugar remains under control and there are no complications. Protein is an essential nutrient when it comes to diabetes. It increases immunity. Along with this, the digestive system also improves, which helps in controlling blood sugar. Usually when we talk about protein, especially in a vegetarian diet, it includes many things like beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains.

दिबीतीज को को न्ट्रोल्क में रक्षा है है है

People who follow a vegetarian diet have higher levels of bad cholesterol, although this is because vegetarian diets are higher in polyunsaturated n-6 ​​fatty acids, fiber and plant sterols and lower in saturated fat. For this, you can include linseed, walnut, soy in your diet.

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