College professor was doing obscene things with girl student, was pressurizing her to have physical relationship, video viral, i


Jaunpur- TD College affiliated to Purvanchal University, located at the district headquarters in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, has come into limelight due to the misdeeds of a professor. The professor, who tainted the temple of education, forced a girl student to have a physical relationship by talking obscenely, asking her to pass B.Ed and TET. However, the girl student rejects his offer and also secretly videos his misdeeds. The video is now viral in social media.

College Principal Dr. Alok Singh has issued a notice seeking explanation from the professor. The complaint has not yet reached the police. The head of a department of TD College of Jaunpur used to call girl students to his cabin and talk obscenely. Sensing this dirty act and intention of the professor, a student made a video of his conversation. In this the professor has crossed all limits.

In the viral video, it can be clearly heard that the professor is talking to the student in his cabin about having physical relations with him. In lieu of this, he proposed to make the girl student B.Ed and TET also. When the student did not agree, he was also explaining that there would be no problem in having a physical relationship.

During the conversation, the professor is also asking many obscene questions. It is not known when this video was made, but on Thursday the video became increasingly viral. It is being told that the professor seen in the video is the head of the department in TD PG College.

TD College Principal Professor Alok Singh told that the video has reached him as well, but no one has complained in this matter. Manager Raghavendra Pratap Singh has sought clarification through email and WhatsApp. Currently online classes are going on. That’s why professor is not coming. This is the reason why clarification has been sought from him through mail and WhatsApp.

He agreed that the video is extremely obscene to watch and listen to. In the notice issued by the college manager, the head of the department has been asked that this video of yours has come to the fore through social media. Give your written explanation in this regard. Till now no response has been given by the professor.

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