Congress asked nine questions on completion of nine years of Modi government, PM should answer by breaking the silence!


New Delhi: On the completion of nine years in power, the Congress on Friday asked nine questions to the Modi government and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should answer these questions by breaking his silence.

Jairam Ramesh, in-charge of the Congress communication department, Pawan Kheda, head of the department and spokesperson Supriya Shrinet released a booklet containing nine questions at the party headquarters here today and said that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had asked these nine questions continuously during and after the Bharat Jodo Yatra. Questions have been raised but no answer has been received from the government till date.

He said, “Today the Congress party is asking Prime Minister Modi nine questions. We want Mr. Modi to break his silence on all these questions and answer these questions to the country himself.

Congress leaders alleged that in nine years, the Modi government introduced old schemes with new names and the Prime Minister played the role of a campaigner in this.

Citing examples, he said that the way the erstwhile LPG Rural Distribution Scheme was renamed as Ujjwala, similarly many other old schemes have been renamed in the last nine years.

He first asked the government about inflation and said why inflation and unemployment are skyrocketing in the country. Why did the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Why are public properties being sold to Mr. Modi’s friends and why are economic disparities increasing continuously in the country?

On the question related to agriculture, he said, “Why is it that the agreements reached with farmer organizations while repealing the black agricultural laws have not yet been implemented. Why was the Minimum Support Price (MSP) not guaranteed? Why hasn’t the farmers’ income doubled even in the last nine years?”

Questioning about LIC and State Bank, Congress spokespersons said that why are they allowing thieves to run away by risking the hard earned money deposited in LIC and SBI to benefit Adani? Shri Modi should break his silence on corruption in BJP ruled states and explain why he is forcing the countrymen to suffer.

Questioning about China, he said, “The Prime Minister, who talked about showing red eye to China, gave it a clean chit in 2020, while even today it is in possession of our land. There have been 18 rounds of meetings with China, yet why is it not giving back our occupied land?”

He asked a direct question to Mr. Modi, “For electoral gains, you are deliberately fueling divisive politics and creating an atmosphere of fear in the society. Why is your oppressive government destroying the foundation of social justice. Why are you silent on the atrocities against women, dalits, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, other backward classes and minorities? Why is the demand for caste census being ignored?”

The Congress leaders asked, “Why in the last nine years, action is being taken against opposition parties and leaders in a spirit of vendetta by weakening the constitutional and democratic institutions? Why many governments of the opposition parties elected by the public have been toppled. Why are the dreams of the poor, tribal and needy being crushed by weakening the public welfare schemes like MNREGA by cutting the budget?”

He asked, “Why is it that after the death of 40 lakh people due to Corona, their families were denied compensation? Why were lakhs of workers forced to go home by the sudden lockdown and were left to fend for themselves?”

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