Conjunction of Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, the fate of these zodiac signs will change


Desk. A rare combination of Sun and Saturn is going to happen this month. On February 13, the king of the planets Sun is about to enter Aquarius. Saturn, the lord of Aquarius, is already present in this sign. According to astrology, Surya is considered the father of Shani. Sun has the rights to rule, so Shani is considered his servant. The relation of enmity between these two has also been considered.

But the good thing is that due to Sun, Saturn is setting on January 30 and will remain in this position till March 6. The set planets do not get the result, because their power becomes weak in front of the Sun. In such a situation, in whose horoscope the Sun is in a good position, all their obstacles will be removed. On the other hand, if Saturn is in auspicious position in the horoscope, then its negativity will also reduce. Let us tell you for which zodiac signs Sun-Saturn conjunction is going to bring auspicious results.

Aries : The combination of Saturn and Sun can prove beneficial for the people of Aries. Sun and Saturn will transit in their eleventh house i.e. the house of income. This will increase your income tremendously. Stalled money will be returned and all obstacles related to income will be removed. New avenues of earning will be created and there can be substantial profit in the investments already made. Those in service are expected to get a salary hike or increment along with promotion. Businessmen will also benefit from the investment made in business with good profits.

Taurus: For people of this zodiac, the transit of Sun and Shani Dev is happening in the tenth house. Sun is the karak planet of this house and is the lord of your triangle. In such a situation, there are chances of getting tremendous progress in the career. Businessmen will get new opportunities and all the obstacles in this path will be removed in a jiffy. This time is good for the career and business of the natives of this zodiac. People of this amount can also get a new job offer and there will be chances of promotion or increment.

Capricorn : There is a conjunction of Sun and Saturn in the money house of your zodiac sign. During this time your financial vision will be strong and bank balance will increase. You will get a chance to spend time with the family and you will be able to have your favorite food at weddings and parties. Confidence will reflect in your speech and people will be impressed by you. But avoid arrogance or bigotry. Have good savings, focus on investing on a large scale for the future. People associated with media, film line, marketing and teaching profession are expected to get special benefits.

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