Consume these things everyday, there will be no sodium deficiency in the body, know the recipe

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Tezzbuzz,New Delhi Sodium is an electrolyte, a mineral that produces electrically charged ions. Most of the sodium in your body is present in the veins. However, it also occurs in the fluids around your cells. Sodium maintains the balance of these fluids.

Sodium is important for neuron and muscle function. It also controls the fluid balance of the body. Kidneys are the organs that contribute to sodium regulation in your body. They do this by changing the amount of sodium in your urine. Apart from this, sodium is removed from the body through sweat. Let us know which are the foods through which the body gets sodium.

The white salt used in our homes, which is also called common salt, is a rich source of sodium, 38,758 mg sodium is found in 100 grams of salt, although it should be consumed in limited quantities or else health can be harmed.

cottage cheese
Cottage cheese is a rich source of calcium, although 100 grams of cheese contains about 300 milligrams of sodium, which is about 12 percent of the daily need. The salt present in this paneer improves the taste of the food. That’s why you usually won’t find low sodium cheeses. Therefore, it is advisable to eat cottage cheese in small quantities.

Sea food is considered a great diet for heart health, it can help reduce cholesterol, which when cooked healthily improves heart health. Nevertheless, it is important to choose your seafood carefully as alternatives such as shellfish and canned tuna fish contain more salt. For example, some canned tuna and frozen shrimp contain more than 400 milligrams of sodium per serving. Fresh tuna, salmon, halibut and haddock are among the best seafood options.

canned meat
Canned meat is high in sodium, 100 grams of chicken and turkey can contain 50 mg sodium, while red meat has much higher amounts. Eat as much sodium as your body needs.

vegetable juice
If you want to meet the sodium requirements in the body naturally, then vegetable juice is one of the best options. Try to drink only fresh vegetable juice and avoid packaged juices available in the market.

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