Corona danger is more in India than China, WHO warns


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Corona virus cases are increasing rapidly in India. If the corona virus is not controlled in a few days, then India may suffer a lot of damage.

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India is especially threatened by this because it is a densely populated country. Low health facilities and more migration to cities are also a big challenge.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that cases outside China are now growing rapidly. Worry has increased in the US because of its spread.

There is a fear that if it spreads in India, how successful it will be in combating it. Especially given that the healthcare system here is very weak, it can cause a lot of damage to India.


Corona danger is more in India than China, WHO warns

Opinion of the public?

Professor K. Vishwanath at Harvard’s TH Chan School of Public Health said, ‘Corona virus has stung in India. He has confirmed some cases of this.

If it spreads, its speed will be much higher. Right now they have managed to control it. They are watching it.

However, with its spread along with other infectious diseases, the situation can become worrisome. ‘

Why is the danger more? For many reasons, the danger is greater for India than others. Not only is its population very large, but it is also dense.

There are 420 people living in every square kilometer. The number of people living in one square kilometer in China is 148.

It will not take time to spread in areas like Dharavi in ​​Mumbai. It can spread through conversation, coughing and even breathing.



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