Corona knocks again in Saharanpur after three and a half months, three women found corona infected


Saharanpur. Corona has again knocked in Saharanpur district after three and a half months. Three women have been found corona infected here. All the three infected women had undergone corona test after complaining of mild fever, cold and cough. In which his report has come corona positive. According to the information received, three women of Sadhauli Kadim and Baliakhedi block area of ​​the district have been found corona infected.

Samples were taken for corona examination of women at health centers four days ago. He had complaints of mild fever, cold, cough. The last corona infected was found in the district in the first week of December 2022. Since then, corona infection has now been confirmed in three women. A 55-year-old woman, a resident of Rupadi village in Baliakhedi area, complained of fever, cold and cough. There was no relief after taking the medicine. On March 18, the woman reached Sunheti Kharkhari CHC to take medicines. Seeing here, the doctors had taken a sample of the woman for corona examination.

In the investigation, she was found to be corona infected. Similarly, a 32-year-old woman, a resident of Mirgarh village of Sadhauli Kadim, also developed mild fever and cold, and Asha of the concerned area took her to the Sadhauli Kadim Health Center. Before starting the treatment, his doctor got a corona test done, which has come positive. A 22-year-old woman from Mirpur village is about eight months pregnant. She also went to Sadhauli Kadim Health Center on March 17 for general check-up.

Along with the blood test of the woman, the ANM also took a sample of the corona. Everyone’s RTPCR report came positive. There was panic in the health department after three corona infected were found simultaneously in the district. The health department team reached their homes to collect samples of the relatives of the infected women. There the samples of the family members who came in contact with the infected were taken. All the samples have been sent to the laboratory of the Government Medical College for examination. Everyone has been advised to stay at home till the report comes.

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