Corona virus: fine of 2.5 million rupees for getting out of the house


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The whole world is suffering from the corona virus. At the same time, in the message given to the country on Tuesday night, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

has announced that whoever comes out of his house without proper reason after Wednesday, will be fined 3000 euros, or about 2 lakh 49 thousand rupees.

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Will go. Till now this fine was 206 Euro i.e. 17,098 rupees.

Earlier, he had denied that he had ordered the police to confiscate cars and other vehicles left out of non-essential work.


Corona virus: fine of 2.5 million rupees for getting out of the house

He emphasized that the food and petrol supply chain will be maintained at all costs.

Kante has assured the people of Italy that before the present emergency imposed in Italy,

which ends on 31 July, the people will start living normal life before that.

He also said that the continuation of emergency for six months does not mean that the restrictions on people will continue till then.

He said that as conditions improve, restrictions on restrictions will begin.

The citizens of Lombardy, Italy’s most corona-affected area, have been stripped of the right to taboo outside their homes.

They also cannot take their dogs for more than 200 meters from home.



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