Covid-19: Patients with Home Isolation don’t need CT Scan , Read full information here


If you are fighting a war against the corona by staying in home isolation and you have mild symptoms, then you do not need to have a CT scan. More CT scans increase the risk of cancer.

In view of the speed with which the corona virus is spreading in India, an atmosphere of fear is also arising within the people. After several sudden deaths, panic has also arisen in the patients who are recovering in home isolation. Many people who have been cured also feel that the virus has caused some damage inside our body. In such a situation, many people are getting their CT scan or X-ray done without the advice of the doctor.

Home isolation patients do not need CT scan

Let us tell you that Delhi AIIMS Director (AIIMS Director) Randeep Guleria gave a press conference, in which he said that patients of home isolation do not need to undergo CT scan. You should not get a CT scan if you have mild symptoms of corona. A CT scan is equivalent to 300 X-rays. In such a situation, the risk of cancer also increases by having CT scan done frequently.

He said that especially young people should avoid getting CT scans again and again. CT scan, bio-markers should be done on the advice of the doctor. If you are still feeling, then get a chest X-ray done first, after that if your doctor tells you to do a CT scan. Apart from this, the director of AIIMS says that do not take steroids if the corona has mild symptoms. If you have mild symptoms and do not have fever, then there is no need to panic.


CT scan may increase cancer risk

Dr. Guleria says that nowadays too many people are undergoing CT scans. When there is no need for a CT scan, you are hurting yourself more by having it done. It is because of this that you are bringing yourself in contact with radiation. Which can increase the chances of getting cancer.

Dr. Randeep Guleria, director of AIIMS, says that people living in home isolation keep contacting their doctor. If your oxygen level is getting below 93 or less, fainting or chest pain, then in such a situation, contact the doctor immediately. Whichever is the mutant of Corona virus, we have to follow all the rules of Covid. Treatment protocol is the same in this.

Actually, there have been many such cases in the past, in which there has been a sudden rapid infection of the lungs of the people. Many corona patients have died of heart failure. Apart from this, many cases of multi-organ failure have also come up. This is the reason that there is a fear in the patients with coronation home isolation. Now more and more people are getting CT scans or chest X-rays. However, the director of AIIMS says that the patient recovering from home isolation does not need it.


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