Covid-19 impact : These companies going to launch best phones under 10,000


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Smartphone companies are once again launching cheap smartphones. Due to Covid-19, users are thinking a lot about spending money. Companies are also understanding this problem of users. On the other hand, due to the increasing trend of e-learning, competition is seen increasing in the segment of less than Rs 10,000.

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COVID-19 epidemic has greatly affected the users’ pockets. Smartphone companies are also understanding this. This is the reason that nowadays companies have become very conscious about the pricing of new phones.

Covid-19 : These companies going to launch best phones under 10,000


Due to this, competition in the low-cost smartphone segment has also increased significantly. In the recent times, many such phones have been launched, which come at a price of less than 10 thousand rupees. Companies have got a chance in the Corona era to launch light specifications and low-cost devices. This will fulfill the user needs on one hand, on the other hand companies will also get an opportunity to increase their stake in the entry level segment.

In an effort to strengthen its hold in the cheap segment,

Samsung has launched the first smartphone priced around Rs 5000 in the market in many years. At the same time, Realme is also looking to increase the number of its cheap smartphones. These companies are trying to strengthen their hold in the segment of less than Rs 10,000 like Xiaomi and Nokia. Tarun Pathak of Counterpoint,

E-Learning Increased Demand for Cheap Smartphones,

‘Most of the companies are adopting backward integration in pricing nowadays because the possibilities of replacement in category of less than Rs 10,000 are now high.’ Tarun further said that the increasing need of users’ e-learning gave brands the opportunity to sell devices with lower prices and lighter specifications.


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