Cow dung painted on the car? See why he did this?


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A photo had been viral a few days ago, in which a Toyota Corolla Altis car was shown wrapped with cow dung. Later it was revealed that this car was from Sejal Shah of Ahmedabad. Later, she released a video and told what was the reason for dumping the car. At the same time, a doctor has also joined this list. He shared a photo of his expensive SUV layered with cow dung.

Doctor Navnath Dudhal, a resident of Pune, has coated his Mahindra XUV 500 with cow dung. According to the news published in the Sakal Times, Dudhal claims that the tremendous heat coming in Pune is not affecting his car and he has almost stopped using AC in his SUV. He has the first generation Mahindra XUV500.

In the published photo, he has left the lights and glass and wrapped his car completely with cow dung. According to Dudhal, three coats of cow dung have been done on his car and he feels safe from heat from one month. The sun’s radiation has no effect on the roof of the car. After that, the temperature of the car is 5 to 7 degree lower than the outside.


Dudhal says cow dung can be easily cleaned with the help of water and cotton cloth. At the same time, there is no scar on the body of the car nor its paint gets spoiled. However, for some time the smell of dung is definitely felt inside the car, which goes away after some time.

Doctor Dudhal is a senior doctor in Tata Cancer Hospital in Mumbai. He claims that he has read a lot about the benefits of Gomutra on cancer patients. However, no such study has yet been found, in which cow dung has helped to cool the car.

Earlier, Ahmedabad’s Sejal Shah coated the Toyota Corolla car completely from the cow’s dung to stop the car from getting hot. The Toyota Corolla Altis was completely covered with dung, even the roof of the car was covered with dung. They claim that cow’s dung acts as a heat-resistant insulator and does not allow the heat coming from the atmosphere to come inside the car, so that the atmosphere inside the car remains cold.

At the same time, there was a similar gambling with a super luxury Jaguar car. Whose photographs were also revealed. In Telangana, Hyderabad, someone had to sneak on the roof of his Jaguar car to avoid heat. At the same time, this pallet was tied in a very good manner so that the straw kept. On the rays of the sun, water is put on the pallet, so that the roof of the car remains cool.

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