Cursed jewelries that can destroy you Ever


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It usually be a privilege to receive jewelry but not all pieces are as innocent as they might look. These cursed jewels have the power to wreak havoc on anyone who gets too close to it. Many jewelries come steeped in history and most of them can be traced back through a few generations of family and have some heartwarming meaning to them. But not all of them has a happy history. This article shows you the jewelries that you’ll want to stay far away from them. The owners of these jewels have found themselves suffering horrendous illness, tragic endings and in financial ruin. Lets take a look at the jewels-

#1. The Hope Diamond

Cursed jewelries that can destroy you Ever
The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond is a beautiful blue gem that is about the size of a walnut. It’s thought to be worth about a quarter of a billion dollars but even if it wasn’t out of our price range we wouldn’t want to own it. Many people who own the diamond faced tragic ends.

#2. Delhi Purple Sapphire Ring

Cursed jewelries that can destroy you Ever
Delhi Purple Sapphire Ring

This jewel was discovered just a few years ago by Peter Tandy, curator at the Natural History Museum in London. Found inside the museum’s “mineral cabinets” the gem was supposedly sealed up in several boxes, surrounded by protective charms and came with a warning: “Whoever shall then open it, shall first read out this warning, and then do as he pleases with the jewel. My advice to him or her is to cast it into the sea.”

#3. Lydian Hoard

Cursed jewelries that can destroy you Ever
Lydian Hoard

The Lydian Hoard is a collection of elaborate jewelry, plates, pots and other golden pieces. But the brooch and necklace from the Hoard have caused its owners nothing but trouble. A part of King Croesus’ treasure, the loot dates back to 547 B.C. But in 1965, when the real trouble begins. The treasure was found in the tomb of an unknown princess, and promptly looted by just about everyone. Over 150 relics were ransacked. Almost all the looters met with sickness, bad luck and death.


#4. The Black Prince’s Ruby

Cursed jewelries that can destroy you Ever
The Black Prince’s Ruby

This gem is the big, deep-red stone set into the middle of England’s Imperial State Crown. The Black Prince’s Ruby is actually a glowing red uncut spinel which has been owned by the British Royal Family since 1367. The stone has belonged to English rulers since the 14th century, when it was given to Edward of Woodstock, also known as the “Black Prince.” Prior to that it’s said to have belonged to the Sultan of Granada, and was found somewhere on or near his corpse by Pedro the Cruel, King of Castile, after he or his men stabbed the sultan to death during their conquering of the area. Soon after obtaining the gem, Pedro the Cruel’s reign was attacked by his half-brother, and he appealed to Edward the Black Prince, a great knight, for help. The pair were victorious, and Edward received the gem in thanks. However, Edward also seems to have contracted a mysterious disease around the same time—which caused his death 9 years later.

#5. Sancy Diamond

Cursed jewelries that can destroy you Ever

Sancy Diamond

The pear-shaped Sancy diamond is believed be saddled with a vicious curse that brings violent death on anyone who owns the gem. The diamond is said to have been mined in Golconda, India and reached Europe by the 14th century, where it served in the crowns of several French and English kings. Many of these kings including Burgundy’s Charles the Bold, England’s Charles I, and France’s Louis XVI—suffered gruesome deaths not long after coming into contact with the gem.

#6. Black Orlov Diamond

Cursed jewelries that can destroy you Ever
Black Orlov Diamond

Gorgeous, but we wouldn’t touch this stone without gloves on either. Also referred to as “The Eye Of Brahma Diamond” this stone was allegedly stolen from one of the eyes in a statue of the Hindu god Brahma in Pondicherry. Which would explain the curse, and the many suicides to follow the owners of this black diamond.

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