Cyclone Tauktae 2021: Know When it will happen in India , How much damage it can cause


‘Cyclone Tau Te’ threat amid Corona crisis

This storm called ‘Tau Te’ can hit the west coast of the country.

A low pressure area is likely to form over the southeast Arabian Sea on the morning of 14 May.

Cyclone Tauktae 2021 / Tau Te Storm: The threat of the first cyclone of 2021 is looming in the second wave of Corona infection in the country. Yes .. This storm called ‘Tau Te’ can hit the west coast of the country and affect the weather of the surrounding states. According to the Indian Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of a low-pressure area over the southeast Arabian Sea on the morning of 14 May which could intensify as a cyclonic storm around 16 May. The department has expressed the possibility of this storm reaching Saurashtra-Kutch coast of Gujarat on 19-20 May.


The Indian Meteorological Department has acted to issue alerts for the lowlands of the Lakshadweep archipelago on 15–16 May. According to the department, the sea situation in the southeast Arabian Sea and the adjacent Lakshadweep-Maldives region and the equatorial Indian Ocean will change drastically on Friday-Saturday. The low pressure area will develop rapidly in the East Central Arabian Sea around May 16 and may move towards the northwest. However, some numerical models are working to show the possibility of moving towards Gujarat and Kutch areas in the south, while others indicate its departure towards South Oman.

According to Skymet Weather, there is a high probability of storm in the month of May. Right now it is difficult to say how much the coming storm will affect the coastal areas of Kerala, Karnataka or Maharashtra. But from May 14 and 15, rains will start on the coasts of Kerala and Karnataka. The winds will be very strong. Let us discuss here that after the low pressure area developed on May 14, the cyclone was named ‘Taukate’. It means a loud-sounding lizard … and the name ‘Tau Te’ has been given by Myanmar.

The Meteorological Department said that on the morning of May 14, a low pressure area may form in the southeast Arabian Sea and it is likely to move in the north-northwest direction and towards Lakshadweep in the southeast Arabian Sea. According to him, a cyclone could hit the east-central Arabian Sea on 16 May. It is estimated that there may be thunderstorms in coastal parts of Gujarat including Saurashtra and Southern region due to cyclone in East-Central Arabian Sea. However, there is no immediate warning that the cyclone, if it occurs, will affect Gujarat.

From May 15 and 16 onwards, there will be heavy rains on the shores of Maharashtra. At the same time, there is a possibility of heavy rain in Mumbai and surrounding areas between 17-19 May. Whereas, Tamil Nadu will receive rain in many parts of Gujarat from 18 to 21 May and from 13 to 15 May.


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