Damage to eyes due to high heat, take care of them with these 4 things including rose water. best home remedies for eye care in


Damage to eyes due to high heat, take care of these 4 things including rose waterImage Credit source: Freepik

The scorching heat continues to wreak havoc in many parts of the country including North India. An alert has been issued by the Meteorological Department regarding heat wave. People are being advised to stay in homes. Not only the health and skin but also the eyes have to bear the loss due to rapid heat, sun and heat. Itching, redness or continuous watery eyes are considered common in summer.

Apart from heating the air, the dust and dirt in it cause pain or other damage to the eyes and skin. You can try some home remedies to save your eyes from the terror of the weather. Learn about these eye care tips…

Rose water . rose water

It is necessary to keep the eyes cool in summer and for this you can take the help of rose water. Rose water made from rose petals is considered as a cooling agent. You can use water spray daily to keep skin and eyes cool in summer. Spray rose water on the eyes and skin two to three times a day.

Potato works. Potato for eyes

If there are dark circles or dark circles around the eyes, then you can remove them with potatoes. Apart from this, if there is swelling in the eyes due to heat or other reason, then it can also be reduced with potatoes. Peel the potato and make slices of it and keep it on the eyes. Do try this recipe once a day.

Cucumber recipe. Cucumber for eye care

Cucumber can also be used for eye care in the summer season. Cucumber contains more water, so it can retain moisture in the skin. You can keep cucumber slices on the eyes for coolness in the eyes. It is easy to adopt this method and it makes a difference in a pinch.

Cold water . cold water for eyes

By the way, you can also cool the eyes with cold water. Take some cold water and clean the eyes with it. Do this at least twice a day.

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