Danger!! Clouds will increase the effect of global warming, Read How


Currently, global warming is one of the biggest threats to the earth. Many human activities are also responsible behind this. Now another worrying thing has come to the fore in this episode. A new study has warned that global temperatures are expected to rise by three degrees Celsius, which is double the target set by the UN by 1.5 degrees Celsius. A major reason behind this will also be the formation of clouds, which will increase the greenhouse effect by less reflecting solar radiation. In simple words, the heat will be released less due to clouds, which will increase the temperature of the earth more.

This research, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has been described as the strongest evidence ever found, which suggests that clouds will increase global temperatures over a long period of time and act to accelerate climate change. do.
Scientists from Britain’s Imperial College London and the University of East Anglia have come up with a new method for analyzing satellite measurements of Earth’s cloud cover. Based on the study, scientists said that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is expected to increase twice as compared to before industrialization. Apart from this, the target of increasing the temperature is being said to be kept below two degrees Celsius, there is little hope of it being successful. In contrast, global warming is expected to exceed three degrees Celsius. Before industrialization, the level of carbon dioxide was 280 parts per million (ppm), but today it has reached about 420.

Researchers say this prediction of a doubling of carbon dioxide due to climate change is known as climate sensitivity. This tells us that our climate will react strongly to such a change. The researchers say that there is a lot of uncertainty in the forecast of climate sensitivity due to clouds. Also it is not known how much this change will be affected by the change in clouds. This is because clouds can increase or decrease warming based on properties such as their density and height in the atmosphere.


More studies are needed to know how much the impact will be: According to study co-author Paulo Seppi from Imperial College London, there is a lot of uncertainty about the direction in which global warming will move in the future due to climate sensitivity. It also depends on what steps we take before the global temperature rises by one and a half degrees Celsius. Also it will depend on the clouds. The results of our study make it clear that clouds will affect global warming, but more studies are needed to know exactly how much.

This is how clouds affect

According to scientists, if the clouds are down, they have a cooling effect, because they obstruct the sunlight from reaching the earth. At the same time, clouds that are high have a warming effect, because when solar energy reaches the earth and starts returning, they obstruct its return. Trapping this energy in clouds can increase the greenhouse effect. Based on the study so far, it can be said that the increase in global temperature can be close to 3.2 °C. However, further studies are needed to know its accuracy.


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