Don’t do these things with phone , they can put you in danger


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There have been many such incidents in the past few months. From branded to feature phones, cases of blasts have surfaced, in which such accidents can be avoided by keeping some precautions.

1- Do not sleep by holding a phone under pillows
Sleeping can be dangerous by placing a phone under pillows because it only increases the temperature of the device, there is also a pressure on the device.

2- Do not keep phone in shirts or t-shirts pocket
In the front pocket of shirt, T-shirt or vest, mobile phone should not be kept. The danger of cell phone radiation is an issue, it may be more dangerous to a heart at the time of a phone burst.

3- Do not charge overnight
Many people have to put the phone on charging for overnight use, do not do it in any way. It is harmful for both phone & battery.

4- Keep away from flammable materials
Keep your phone away from flammable materials such as clothes, cotton or beds.


5- Do not use duplicate charger
Always use your phone’s original charger. Duplicate or charger of another phone is harmful to both the battery and the phone.

6- Do not use local or duplicate batteries in the phone
If you want to replace the battery of the phone, always carry the phone brand’s original battery. Never use inexpensive and useless quality battery in phones.

7- Do not charge in direct sunlight
Often people do not care when they charge the phone. Charge when there is no direct sunlight on it. Take special care of it, otherwise the phone can be damaged.

8- Avoid charging power strip extensions
Avoid even if you charge the phone with a power strip extension by not putting it directly into the socket.

9- Do not get repaired on local shops
Repairing local shops should refrain from repairing any phone in the event of any malfunction. Phone repair at the Authentic Service Center is safe and there are also original parts available.

10- Do not make a call if hot
There is a chance of overheating & high radiation.


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