Now These DC superheroes can defeat Thanos also , what you think?


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In Marvel Comics and movies Thanos has taken down dozens of Marvel superheroes while the Avengers may have their hands full with Thanos they may want to consider looking across the multiverse it solves the great DC comic heroes who could take Thanos down see the super strong super speedsters and magicians from DC Comics who have the power to destroy Thanos once and for all.

5) Zatanna
The female magician has been making her mark on comic books since the 1960s and her extremely powerful magician skills have made her one of the main members of the Justice League dark her mix of skills could easily be used to take down Thanos on her own and really throw the Marvel villain for a loop and in an impressive moves that she has the ability to erase the memory of others wiping out Diana’s memory could create an easy way to confuse him and leave him vulnerable confusion may caused a nose to rage but Zatanna has a solution to that as well she can use mystical energy as a powerful weapon and also has the ability to manipulate visions of reality.

4) Martian Manhunter
Thanos may have traveled to earth from thousands of galaxies away but his downfall could easily be at the hands of a resident from Earth’s nearby neighbor Mars. The Martian Manhunter is the only living thing from Mars after everyone else on the planet died off due to a deadly virus first introduced in 1955 the character has been featured in several forms of media including Supergirl his time on Mars gave the hero some incredible abilities and all of them could help take down Thanos with ease psychologically the Manhunter can outsmart Thanos by using telepathy to read his mind and communicate with no verbal words naturally Martian Manhunter has super strength and agility but it takes more than that to defeat Thanos how about shape-shifting and invisibility now we’re talking if Martian Manhunter wanted to he could turn into Thanos and create the ultimate battle of Thanos versus Thanos.


3) The Flash
Imagine having the ability to defeat Thanos without laying a single finger on him, well with the proper strategy the DC speedster flash could get the job done. The flash is one of DC’s greatest heroes and you can do a lot more than just run fast as he harnesses his speed in all types of ways and can use just enough different tools from his arsenal to take Thanos, out the first step is using his super speed to capture the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos wouldn’t even see the flash coming as he races around and removes the powerful gauntlet from his hand once the gauntlet has removed the vulnerable Thanos would be open to some shots of speedster Lightning launched at his chest. If the flash does fail or needs to correct his mistakes he has the ability to make a quick trip back in time to correct the mistakes and start the battle all over again. Maybe that’s why the MCU killed off Quicksilver and eliminated their only speedster.

2) Shazaam
Can you imagine the uproar if Thanos gets defeated by a kid this is exactly what would happen if Thanos ventured over to the world of DC to take on Shazam, classic DC hero is your everyday boy named Billy. Billy is able to take the form of a fully grown hero who goes by the name Shazam when you have the power of six Greek gods you probably feel godlike while in your suit. Shazam was originally known as Captain Marvel but when Marvel introduced a hero by the very same name things got a little bit complicated and maybe by defeating Thanos Shazam would earn the right to get his original namesake back again, well a little extra confidence can go a long way in defeating Thanos not only does Shazam have the confidence but he has the skills to take on Thanos and anything thrown at him. Shazam can fly uses his super strength on foes and his long-lasting durability will help him fend off Thanos his attacks.

1) Superman and Supergirl
When you look for someone for a fight you just need to check out some of DC’s most reliable performers, in this case are it’s the powerful cousins from Krypton Superman and Supergirl having nearly identical powers it’s hard to separate the two from one another as both would be able to stand up to Thanos in their own right. As Thanos attempted to use his Infinity Gauntlet the two could throw their own gauntlet of powers at the Marvel villain they could try to freeze him, set him on fire and lift him up for a quick flight into outer space. Superman is no stranger to tough battles over the years he’s taken on the likes of Doomsday, Dark-side and Antimatter among others time and time again, Superman is able to defeat the most powerful enemies and Supergirl has been just as impressive although she doesn’t get as much credit as her cousin it would be awesome to see them fighting Thanos.


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