Death Penalty if you Wear Jeans , Watch foreign films in this country , Know name


North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is known worldwide for his decisions. Recently, Kim Jong Un issued a new decree saying that if a North Korean citizen watches foreign films or wears foreign clothes, he will be sentenced to death.

Not only this, Kim Jong Un even said in his decree that if anyone gets videos of American, Japanese and South Korea, he will also be sentenced to death. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has recently written a letter to the state media.

Through this letter, an appeal has been made to the youth of the country to launch a campaign against the unpleasant, individualistic, anti-social behavior among the youth. At the same time, the people of South Korea say that the dictator considers foreign speeches, hairstyles and clothes to be dangerous poison.


People say that dictator Kim Jong Un does not want his citizens to watch the glittering TV serials and movies of South Korea. Kim Jong wants to end the dreams of those youths by creating fear in their minds. Kim believes that if the culture of another country reaches his country, then citizens can stand against him. They can also oppose dictatorship.

According to this new law, if the worker is found guilty then the owner of the factory will be punished. If a child wears foreign clothes or adopts foreign hairstyles, his parents will be punished. On the other hand, the people of North Korea want to know what the outside world looks like, what is going on there.

Choi Jong Hoon, who managed to escape from North Korea last year, says that when I reached China, I used the Internet for the first time. I saw many documentaries on North Korea, read the articles and then I understood that this is probably true because their words were understandable.


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