Diabetes and heart attack: Diabetes and heart patients must do this

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Diabetes and heart attack: Both diabetes and heart attack are complex diseases and are closely related to each other. It is often seen that people with diabetes have to face heart disease. There is a plant that attacks both of these diseases (diabetes and heart attack). Renowned Indian nutritionist Nikhil Vats says that this should be done by consuming spirulina, which is an aquatic plant that usually grows in springs and ponds. It is considered a treasure trove of Ayurveda (Benefits of Spirulina).

Nutrients Found in Spirulina

Spirulina is rich in vitamins and proteins. 60 percent of this plant is protein, and many other essential amino acids are also found. Apart from this, by eating spirulina, the body gets vitamin A, iron, calcium, carotene and antioxidants. For this reason it has been kept in the category of superfood. Let us know how it can be beneficial for health. (diabetes and heart attack)

Diabetes and heart attack: Benefits of eating Spirulina

1. Beneficial in Diabetes

People suffering from diabetes should take special care of their health, with the consumption of spirulina, the blood sugar level remains under control and diabetics are saved from many problems. Along with this, people with high blood pressure should also consume this plant.

2. Prevention of heart diseases

Eating spirulina lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.
It keeps BP under control, which can lead to heart diseases like heart attack, coronary artery disease and triple vessel disease.
Regular consumption of spirulina improves blood circulation.

3. Effective in Weight Loss

People who are constantly gaining weight should take spirulina. It contains beta carotene, fatty acids,
It contains chlorophyll and many important nutrients that help in reducing waist and belly fat.

,Disclaimer: We do not endorse any of the practices, methods or claims mentioned in the above article.
They should be taken as advice only. Be sure to consult a doctor before applying any such treatment/medication/diet.)

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