Dont eat so much peanut , it is dangerous for your liver


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All people know that taking peanut is very beneficial for our health.  But there are some disadvantages of this. In our country of India, peanuts are consumed more and more. But people do not know what benefits and benefits the consumption of groundnut is. Through obtaining damages are l today this post we did harm to people by giving information about the loss of peanut eating l Let us know what to eat peanuts l

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Peanut eating is due to this loss

1) A person who consumes more peanuts, may be considered harmful for such people, because the excessive use of peanuts can increase the bile problem.

2) People who consume peanut more and more, they may have to face problems like itching, mouth rashes and swelling in the body. Keep this in mind before eating more peanuts.


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