Diwali 2023: Good news! Diwali will be a holiday in America, bill introduced in New York Assembly. American Lawmaker Introduce


Diwali will be a holiday in America

Diwali As Federal Holiday In US: The festival of Diwali is celebrated with great pomp in every corner of the world where Indians live. There is a government holiday on Diwali in India, don’t know about other countries. The most important thing is that now America I will also have a holiday on the occasion of Diwali, because a bill has been introduced in the New York Assembly to declare a federal holiday.

When the Diwali Day Act will be passed by the Congress and the President Joe Biden Will be signed, after this Diwali holiday will be declared as the 12th government holiday in America. Congress member Grace Meng while talking to the media after introducing this bill in the House of Representatives said that it is one of the most important days of the year for billions of people in the world.

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Everyone will celebrate Diwali together

Congresswoman Meng said the holiday would allow families and friends to celebrate Diwali together. This will show how much importance the government gives to the diverse cultural diversities of the nation. He said that Diwali celebrations in Queens of New York are amazing. Don’t know how many people come to see this every year.

America is powerful because of these reasons – Meng

Meng said that the strength of America is derived from the different experiences, cultures and communities that make up this country. He said that the Diwali Day Act is a step towards educating all Americans and celebrating the full face of American diversity. I look forward to Congress taking this bill forward. Congresswoman Grace Meng represents New York’s 6th congressional district.

Pennsylvania public on Diwali

Pennsylvania was the first state in America to declare Diwali as a public holiday. For this, a resolution was passed unanimously in the House. For this, a bill was introduced in the House in February. This bill was introduced by Senators Greg Rothman and Nikil Saval. It was said in this bill that a large number of South Asian people live in Pennsylvania. These people celebrate Diwali with great pomp, so this day should be declared a public holiday.

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