Do not consume these things with tea, Would be harmful


There will hardly be any such house in India where tea is not drunk today, tea is consumed daily in almost all the houses of India, often people like to eat many types of spicy, sour things with tea. .

Drink empty

While taking tea, also keep in mind what type of tea you are drinking. For example, if you are drinking green tea, do not take anything with it. At the same time, one or two biscuits can be taken with milk tea.

Turmeric stuff

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One should not consume such things with high quantity of turmeric with tea or immediately after drinking tea. The chemical elements present in tea and turmeric can damage the digestive system by making chemical action in the stomach and can produce harmful elements for the stomach.


Tea should not be consumed in any way that contains the amount of lemon. Many people make lemon tea by squeezing lemon in tea. But this tea can also cause acidity and digestive and gas problems.


Most of the big people at home stop us from drinking water immediately after tea, this is also true. Because drinking water after drinking tea causes many problems in our stomach. Drinking water immediately after tea causes wrinkles on the face.

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