Do not do these things on Friday even by mistake, otherwise poverty may come to your house


Do not do this work on Friday: According to religious belief, Friday is dedicated to the worship of Mata Lakshmi and Santoshi Mata. On this day, fasting and worshiping Goddess Lakshmi increases the happiness and prosperity of the house and all kinds of troubles and troubles of those who observe the fast of Santoshi Mata are removed. Unmarried girls get the desired groom, but there are some such works, which, on Friday, make Mother Lakshmi and Santoshi Maa angry. Today we will tell you about such tasks, which should not be done even on Friday.

1- Do not do credit transactions

According to religious belief, loan transactions should not be done on Friday. Taking money on loan or interest is generally not considered good either. By doing this on Friday, Goddess Lakshmi gets angry and there is a lack of wealth in the house.

2- Do not insult girls, women and eunuchs

According to Indian tradition, every girl or woman is considered as a form of Goddess. The eunuchs have also been called half-devas according to mythological belief, so insulting them, especially on Friday, becomes the reason for the displeasure of Mata Lakshmi.


3- Do not give sugar to anyone even after forgetting

According to the scriptures, sugar is related to the planet Moon and Venus, so giving sugar to someone on Friday weakens the person’s Venus. Prosperity and prosperity go away from home.

4- Sour should not be eaten

Those who observe fast on Friday, they should not consume sour substances. By doing this, they do not get the full fruit of the fast.

5- Dirt should not be allowed in the house

Both Mata Lakshmi and Mata Santoshi are pleased with cleanliness. Due to the filth in the house, there is poverty in the house.



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