Do not do this work after facial


Women usually do facials to enhance beauty, but do you know that after facials, you have to take special care of many things. If you do not know, then know because your small mistake can spoil your beauty. Let us know what not to do after facial.

Make-up should not be done immediately after getting facial done. Actually, after getting facials, the pores of the skin open and in such a situation, if you do makeup after facials, then the chemicals present in it go into the skin. This can have a bad effect on your health, so stay away from makeup for at least 72 hours after getting facial done.

don’t wash your face
Facewash should not be done for 4 hours after facial. Let your skin absorb the benefits of the products used in the facial. If the face is feeling dry then use mist on the face and if the face is getting oily then splash cold water on the face.

If you ever go to a parlor and you have to get both facials and threading done, then never make the mistake of getting facials done first.

Do not get waxing done on the face
Never get waxing done to get upper lips on the face immediately after getting facials done. Let us tell you that after facial, the uppermost skin of the face becomes very soft and sensitive and waxing can have a bad effect on it.

do not scrub
If you have done facials then avoid using scrubber on the face. Remember to avoid using scrubs for three days after getting facial done.

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