Do not do this work even by mistake in the evening, poverty will surround you


Indian religious texts as well as Manusamhita mention four acts that should not be performed at night. In our saying also, it has been suggested to ban work in the evening.

There is a saying among us that four things should not be done in the evening, otherwise the sparrow will leave without its beak. In other words, in the evening, leaving aside all work, worship God. Should meditate. Know which activities are prohibited

Prohibition of Karma in the evening

Food, love, sleep, sleep and study are the fourth.

1. Food should not be taken at the time of sunset. It is said that in the next life it gives birth in the animal vagina.

2. Should not sleep in the evening. This brings poverty in the house and mother Lakshmi is also angry.

3. Sunset is the silence of day and night. This is the time for meditation and spiritual practice. At this time the gathering of men and women should be avoided. During this time one has to face difficulties in the life of the child born out of pregnancy.

4. Vedas and Shastras should not be studied in the evening. This time is considered suitable for meditation and meditation.

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