Do not take or give these things as a gift even by mistake, otherwise luck will be spoiled


You must have often seen that whenever any of your friend or relative meets you after a long time, they must have brought some gift for you. Call it tradition or custom, but it has been going on since very ancient times and is still in vogue, but today its form has changed a bit. Would like to tell that earlier people used to give gifts to increase love behavior, whereas today many people give offers to get their meaning.

Would like to tell you that it is considered good to take or give a gift, but according to astrology, if some special things are not kept in mind while giving your gifts, then tell that these gifts can make your luck and can also spoil. Let us know what are the things that we should keep in mind while taking or giving gifts. First of all, let me tell you that never give or take gifts related to water to anyone.


According to Vastu Shastra, if you donate things related to your business or profession to someone, then it can harm you, not only this, there can be loss in the area in which you work. And diseases can also come in the family. It has been told in astrology that any kind of sharp object made of iron should not be given in the gift, as well as would like to tell you that never gift your pen to your well-wisher.

Nowadays, the trend of giving God’s idols and pictures in gifts is very much, but let us tell you that this should not be done because by doing so, the person to whom the picture or idol of God has been gifted with that person will have an onslaught on the person giving the gift. It also has a negative effect.


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