Do these 7 measures to please Shani Dev, immense money will rain, success will kiss your steps day and night


New Delhi. In Hinduism, Shani Dev is worshiped on Saturday. Saturday is dedicated to Sun’s son Shani Dev. On this day, the person who worships Shani Dev with devotion, his life is filled with happiness. The person who is blessed by Shani Dev, such a person achieves a lot of progress, wealth and success in life.

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On the other hand, if a person has Saturn’s Sade Sati, Dasha, Mahadasha in his horoscope, then by doing some measures on Saturday, he can get rid of these defects. Let us know which measures can be taken on Saturday to get rid of all the problems.

– According to the scriptures, to get the special blessings of Shani Dev, one should chant the mantras of Shani Dev on Saturday. This also reduces the effect of Sade Sati from the horoscope. Reciting Shani Chalisa on this day by going to Shani temple is also auspicious.

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According to the scriptures, black sesame, umbrella, urad dal, mustard oil etc. should be donated on Saturday to get the blessings of Lord Shani. It is said that it removes all the problems coming in life.

According to astrology, to please Shani Dev on Saturday, Shani Dev should be worshiped methodically. Do offer incense, lamp, flowers and oil in worship. With this, Shani Dev will be happy soon and Shani Dosha will reduce.

Please tell that on Saturday, the Beej Mantra of Shani must be chanted. It is said that Shani dosha can be reduced by this.

Shani Dev is happy even by worshiping Hanuman ji on Saturday. Shanidev is considered a devotee of Hanuman ji. It is said that to eliminate Shani Dosh from the horoscope, Hanuman ji worship and Sunderkand must be recited.

– According to the scriptures, reciting the story of Shani on Saturday is particularly fruitful. It is said that Shani dosha is reduced by reading this and Shani Dev is blessed.

On the other hand, according to Ratna Shastra, it is advised to wear Neelam Ratna on Saturdays to reduce the inauspicious effects of Shani Dev and to increase the auspicious effects.

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