Do these remedies on Chaitra Navratri, problems solved


Chaitra Navratri, the festival of Matarani, is going to start from March 22, which lasts for nine days and in this, different forms of Matarani are worshiped every day. Devotees worship Matarani in these nine days and seek her blessings so that the problems in their lives can be solved.

Many devotees also fast for the whole nine days showing their faith. In such a situation, today in this episode, we are going to tell you some such measures, by doing which during the days of Navratri, your wishes will be fulfilled with the blessings of Matarani. So let’s know about these measures…

remedy for money gain

On any day during Navratri, after taking bath etc., sit on a yellow seat facing the north direction. Light 9 oil lamps in front of you. This lamp should be kept burning till the time of meditation. Make a heap of red rice (color the rice) in front of the lamp, then place a Shreeyantra on it and worship it with kumkum, flowers, incense, and lamp. After that make a swastika on a plate and keep it in front of you and worship it. Install the Shree Yantra at your place of worship and let the rest of the material flow in the river. With this experiment, you can get the chance of getting sudden monetary benefits.

way to increase blessings

On any day of Navratri, take a bath in the morning and keep a pearl conch shell in front of you in a clean cloth and make a swastika symbol on it with saffron. anymore “Shree Hree Shree Mahalakshmayai Namah:Chant the mantra. Chant the mantra with rhinestone rosary only. Put one rice each in this conch while chanting mantras. Keep in mind that the rice should not be broken. Do this experiment for nine consecutive days. Chant a rosary like this daily. Keep those rice in a white colored cloth bag and after 9 days keep the conch along with the rice in that bag and keep it in the vault. This remedy can increase the blessings of the house.

Tips for success in interview

After waking up early in the morning after taking bath etc., spread a white colored cotton aasan and sit on it facing the east direction. Now put a yellow cloth in front of you and put a rosary of 108 beads on it and worship it by sprinkling saffron and perfume on it. After this chant the following mantra 31 times by showing dhoop, lamp and incense sticks. By doing this for 11 days, that garland will be proved. Whenever you go to an interview, go wearing this garland. Taking these measures can increase the chances of success in the interview. ,Mantra- Om Hleen Vagvadini Bhagwati Mam Karya Siddhi Kuru Kuru Phat Swaha, ,

Remedy for desired bride

Whatever Monday comes during Navratri. On that day, go to a Shiva temple in the morning. Clean it thoroughly by offering milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar on the Shivling there. Then offer pure water and clean it by sweeping the entire temple. Now worship Lord Shiva with sandalwood, flowers and incense, lamp etc. lighting a fire after 10 pm Om Namah Shivay Offer 108 oblations with ghee while reciting the mantra. Now chant five rounds of this mantra daily in front of Lord Shiva for 40 days. Soon your wishes will be fulfilled.

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