Do this work after waking up every morning, you will never become a heart patient, senior doctor says effective way


The cases of heart disease are increasing continuously. More than common even celebrities are losing their lives due to cardiac arrest. It is a matter of concern that a large number of youth are falling prey to fatal conditions like heart attack. In such a situation, one thing is clear that if you do not take care of your heart, then you can be a victim of serious trouble. Let us learn from a cardiologist today how to keep the heart healthy.

A senior cardiologist from New Delhi says that bad lifestyle, unhealthy diet, consumption of junk food, smoking, pollution and lack of physical activity have a bad effect on the heart. Apart from this, the risk of heart attack is also increasing due to excessive stress, anxiety and depression. Mental illness can weaken the heart. By adopting some easy methods, you can protect your heart from diseases. For this you have to stay away from smoking, alcohol, junk food. One has to adopt a healthy lifestyle and improve mental health.

Do this daily, heart will always be healthy

Doctors say that if you want to keep your heart healthy always, then wake up every morning and take a brisk walk. Walking 4 kilometers daily for 40 minutes will improve heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease. Physical activity will also greatly benefit your overall health. Walking can strengthen your immune system. Walking is beneficial for people of all ages. The special thing is that you can move according to your ability. Walking keeps the body healthy and reduces the risk of diseases.

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