Do this yoga to get rid of waist fat


In today’s routine, most of the work is done by sitting. Then be it a desk job or something else, due to which along with back pain, fat starts accumulating in the areas around the stomach. Because of which it also causes physical problems. At the same time, the fat around the waist also looks ugly. But if you want to get rid of fat along with pain, then definitely include Markat Asana (Yoga) in your daily routine.

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Markat means monkey, hence this asana is also called monkey asana. While doing this asana, the shape of the body becomes like a monkey. This asana is very beneficial for reducing back pain and abdominal fat. By doing this, the flexibility of the body increases,

practice like this

First, lying on the back, keep both the hands below the waist. Join both the legs and bend them from the knees. Now twisting the lower part from the waist, once place the feet on the ground next to the right side. In this condition, keep the head in its opposite direction. Starting this asana from 10 to 20 seconds, the timing has to be increased.

Lie straight on the ground. Keep a distance between both the legs and bend them at the knees. Now keep the left knee on the ground next to it and place the right knee on the left toe. In this state, keep the head rotated in the opposite direction.

Lie straight on the ground. Taking the right leg straight from the waist, take it as far as possible on the left side. The ideal position to do this is to touch the left hand with the right foot on the ground. Do the same with the other leg as well. While doing this asana, the neck has to be kept in the opposite direction.


By doing Markat posture, there is relief in back pain and the disease of Reed’s bones is cured. Markat asana is very beneficial in cervical, abdominal pain, gas, back pain, indigestion, hip pain, insomnia fatigue. Along with this, by doing Markat asana, our kidneys, pancreas and liver become active.

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