Do you also change hair oil frequently? then know how it can cause damage to hair


To keep hair beautiful and healthy, you take all kinds of measures, use many types of products and change hair oil frequently, but many times it does not help.

According to experts, changing hair oil frequently does not benefit your hair, it harms it. This can further aggravate the problem of hair fall.

Don’t rub the scalp too fast

The oil acts as a conditioner for the hair and strengthens the hair. Applying oil to the hair gives strength and shine to your hair. Along with this, your hair is also protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Do not rub the scalp too vigorously while applying the oil. Do not leave it on your hair for more than an hour. If the oil is kept in the hair for a long time, it clogs the pores. Due to this, there can be pimples, pimples in the scalp, due to which the hair starts falling and falling.

If you have a dandruff problem then do not apply oil because the scalp is oily due to dandruff and hence applying oil does not benefit the hair.

A frequent oil change can cause hair fall


Massaging the oil in the hair increases blood circulation in the scalp, it stimulates the hair follicles. Hair oiling is good for hair health, but do not change the oil frequently. The fatty acids present in hair oil keep the hair healthy, but if your hair fall is not stopping even after using any oil, then it means that the hair is not getting full nutrition.

Coconut oil is considered the best for hair. Apart from this, people also use amla and olive oil.

Coconut oil does not suit everyone’s hair

It should be kept in mind here that coconut oil does not suit everyone’s hair and if you apply it then the problem of hair fall can increase. If your hair texture is very thin or the hair is very weak, then do not use coconut oil. Olive oil would be a good choice.

When you change the oil frequently, it can also increase the problem of hair fall. Everyone’s hair texture is different. While selecting hair oil, pay attention to the texture of the hair. When oil suits you, don’t change it. Use this one.


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