Do you also have dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes? Try this remedy now 


We often see that dark circles come under the eyes. Apart from this, wrinkles also start from this place. On the contrary, this can happen due to a direct diet and wrong lifestyle. Wrinkles start appearing before age even by not taking care of the face. If it is not taken care of in the beginning, then gradually it increases under the eyes. These wrinkles only show your age more. Apart from this, the dark circles under the eyes spoil the beauty of the face.

If you also want to get rid of dark circles under your eyes and wrinkles, then this news is of your use. By the way, nowadays there are many types of eye creams in the market, which are effective in getting rid of these problems. But some people have very sensitive skin and external products do not suit them. In such a situation, you can try some home remedies mentioned in this news, which will reduce the wrinkles and also remove your dark circle problem.

How to reduce wrinkles and dark circles

1 Use almond oil like this

Almond oil is beneficial to remove the problem of wrinkles. Massaging with light hands under the eyes with almond oil daily removes the problem of wrinkles, as well as eliminates dark circles. If you want, you can also massage with coconut oil mixed with almond oil. Good results are also seen from this.

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2. Try Chironji Pack

You can try the chironji pack to remove the problem of dark circles and wrinkles. It is very beneficial. First, you have to grind chironji and mix it in milk and later apply the paste on the area around the eyes and let it dry. After drying, clean it with lukewarm water. After this massage around the eyes with coconut oil.

3. How to Use Cucumber

Sometimes the reason for wrinkles under the eyes is also lack of water in the body. In such a situation, drink plenty of water and consume cucumber and cucumber. They keep your body hydrated and work to bring a glow to the skin. Apart from this, take out cucumber or cucumber juice and apply it under your eyes. This will make a difference to you in a few days.

4. Olive Oil

Wash the mouth thoroughly at bedtime and massage around the eyes with olive oil every night. It makes a big difference. Apart from this, applying aloe vera gel while sleeping at night also removes the problem.


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