Do you drink adulterated milk? Identify the difference between pure and adulterated milk this way. You don’t drink adulterated milk do you? Identify the difference between pure and adulterated milk this way

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Identification of adulterated milk: We have been hearing since childhood that milk is beneficial for healthy health. Milk has certain qualities that make it beneficial for the overall development of the body.

So the habit of drinking milk is good. But, many people sell adulterated milk. Such milk poses a health hazard.

There are many nutrients found in milk which can save health from many problems. But nowadays adulterated milk is reaching the households, so people are not getting enough nutrients. In such a case adulterated milk should be identified.

How is adulterated milk made?

Milk powder is mixed with water to prepare adulterated milk. Refined oils and shampoos are used for lubrication. Washing powder is added to make milk foam and white color is added to whiten the milk. Glucose is added to sweeten milk. This is how adulterated milk is produced.

How to identify adulterated milk

1. To detect adulterated milk, take 5-10 mg of milk in a test tube and shake vigorously. If it starts foaming, it means that the detergent has been adulterated.

2. Drop the milk on a smooth surface. If the drop flows slowly and leaves a white mark, it is pure milk. A drop of adulterated milk will quickly disappear without leaving a trace.

3. Synthetic milk has a bitter taste. It feels like a soapy lube when rubbed between the fingers. It turns yellow when heated. You can recognize it by the smell of milk. If the milk smells like soap, it is adulterated.

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