Do you have a habit of snoozing the alarm and going back to sleep? so be careful!


Many people snooze the alarm a little later in the morning. You must have done this many times. Many people find it very difficult to get up from the first alarm in the morning. That’s why they either turn off the alarm clock or put it on snooze to get some more sleep. But do you know how dangerous it can prove to be for your health by putting the alarm to snooze?

It is said that waking up early in the morning is very beneficial for health. that is very true. Although this only benefits people who wake up without an alarm, people who can’t get up without an alarm and keep hitting the snooze button may have worse health than others.

A research has revealed that frequent use of the snooze button is not good for health. This is because doing so disturbs sleep. It’s always best to wake up early in the alarm. Here we give you some such information about the snooze button, which you would never have thought about.

What is scientific reasoning?

Usually people wake up sometime after the alarm goes off and snooze it. The logic of the scientist behind which is very interesting. When the snooze button was invented, engineers wanted to increase the duration of the alarm. However, he did not do so. The snooze button was invented in the 50s when the snooze button was invented, the clock gear cycle was set to 10 minutes.

Because of the gearing for the snooze button, experts recommend that an alarm’s snooze button cycle should be less than or equal to 10 minutes. Because the coordination of other organs does not get disturbed. Finally the makers decided to cut it down to 9 minutes. The expert reasoning behind the 9-minute snooze button cycle is that 10 minutes after turning off the alarm, a person goes into deep sleep. Meanwhile, if the snooze button is held down for 10 minutes or more, the alarm often doesn’t sound and the person continues to sleep.

bad effect on health

Sleep experts believe that pressing the snooze button often leads to feeling tired in the morning and this also has a bad effect on health. There is no doubt that the snooze button disturbs your sleep and is also dangerous for your health. A recent study suggests that using the snooze button is not good for health.

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