Do you know about the ‘panic button’ on the phone and its entire system?


We all have fire fighting equipment in residential building, mall, theatre, metro train etc. Do you know how to use the fire extinguisher that you see every day in your building when there is actually a fire? ever tried to know? If we can care so much about something that is right in front of us and can save lives, how can we care about something that is equally important but out of sight?!

One such thing is the ‘panic’ button in our smart phones.

We are in a hurry to access videos, games or social media after unlocking the smartphone, so we almost ignore the ’emergency call’ button that appears when we open the keypad to enter the PIN while unlocking the phone . Try clicking this button sometime. You will learn many new things. Also, if your phone was bought after 2017, the phone’s power button is the ‘panic’ button!

Both the idea and the implementation of this system are commendable and understandable, especially today on World Women’s Day.

Instead of entering the PIN on your smartphone, try clicking on the ‘Emergency Call’ button on the lock screen. From here you can call the emergency number 112 – even if the phone is locked. This call can be made by long pressing the 5 or 9 keys in an ordinary phone. Emergency call can be made on 112 even if there is no mobile network in the phone.

How? When trying to call an emergency number, if our mobile company’s network is not available but another company has a signal, that company connects the call to 112 – even if we are not a subscriber to that company . The Government of India has implemented only one number for all types of emergency services across India since 2016 – 112. Calling this number even without mobile network is just one feature of this system. There are many more features in this.

emergency response support system

In fact with this number the Government of India has developed an elaborate system called Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) (or). This system is really useful to us when we are in any kind of trouble and need help it occurs.

Under this system, if we have bought our smartphone after 2017, then pressing the power button three times continuously will call 112. If you delve into the emergency call feature on the phone’s lock screen, you can add an emergency contact. Pressing the power button three times, in addition to 112, also calls and sends messages to people we’ve already specified and also shares your location with them (don’t try to just test it, this system still There is a burden of many unnecessary calls per day). ,

emergency support system

After the Nirbhaya incident in Delhi in December 2012, the government allocated a special fund to take various measures to prevent recurrence of such incidents. Out of this, the ERSS system covering the whole of India has been created. Under this, a special Emergency Response Center has been set up in each State/UT.

When we contact 112 number from our phone for help, this center also gets our location (for this it is necessary to allow location access beforehand). Thereafter, after ensuring that there are no false calls, the center contacts the nearest police station or PCR van from our location and reaches us as soon as possible.

try to install the app as well

If you want, you can also download 112 app in Android or Apple iPhone (112 India MHA, Govt of India). The app requires registration with mobile number and other details. We can also add emergency contacts to the app.

After that the app is very easy to use. After opening the app there are 112 buttons with our location on the map and four buttons at the bottom for police, fire, medical and disaster. All these five buttons are single-click based. That is, things like calling 112 and location sharing are activated as soon as you touch it. If you click any of these buttons accidentally or out of curiosity, the call cannot be canceled. All we see is a button indicating we are safe, clicking it wastes no one’s time taking further steps to protect us.

App Features

112 system can be contacted even without this app. But the app is very important for another special reason. You can also join the All India Emergency Response System as a volunteer through this app (need to provide sufficient identification by completing KYC process). After that, when any person contacts 112 for help in a difficult situation and we have his location, we also get his alert.

In this situation, the volunteer can approach the police for help. This also became a kind of social networking and very useful networking for the society, but people are not seeing enough awareness about this wonderful idea.

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