Do you Know China has world’s most powerful missile , Click to read its power


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China wants to become a superpower by spreading Corona all over the world. For this, they are even threatening the world with war. Even China is warning the US to end the country only in 30 minutes. Due to which the tension between the two countries has increased ,Today, we will try to know about this missile, which misses China as the most powerful missile in the world.

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According to a report, China has the longest range ballistic DF-41 (Dongfeng) . This missile can target any corner of the earth. With this missile, China threatens America, Japan, Australia and India.

Do you Know China has world's most powerful missile , read its power


What is the strength of ballistic DF-41 (Dongfeng)

1. This can hit up to a distance of 15 thousand kilometers. Intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile is capable of evading radar.

2. China’s military experts equate it to a seventh generation nuclear missile made by the US and Russia. It can carry 10 nuclear weapons simultaneously.

3. This can also penetrate the US defense system.

4. This nuclear missile can hit 10 targets at once.

5.The missile of China can fly at a speed of 10 Mach i.e. 12348 km / h.


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