Do you know how you can stop Google, Facebook and Instagram to spy on you, Know now


Google, Facebook and Instagram don’t hesitate to spy on you. What did you search, which website you opened, when did you open it, what was built there, how much time you spent, etc? Many websites and apps themselves share this information with Google. According to this information, your profile is created and you see ads. This is called ad personalization. Meaning that ads are shown to you according to your interest. But do you know that you can easily stop it? Let’s know.

Off Facebook Activity

This allows you to clear the history of apps or websites with whom you are sharing Facebook data. For this, you are given the option to turn off Off-Facebook Activity. This will inform the platform to disconnect any information shared from your account. Here you can also select which company you do not want to share the activity with. Then the platform will stop showing you its ad. Some changes have to be made in the setting.


Turn off targeting ads like this

Go to Facebook’s Settings, go to “Your Facebook Information” and then to “Off-Facebook Activity”. Here you can turn it off by pressing a button. Here turn off any future activity in your account. Along with this, clear the history as well.

what will change

Once you have turned it off and cleared the data, then this information will be deleted from Facebook, which website or app did you visit and what did you do there.


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