Do you know that chickens are thrown in the engine before flying the airplane, know

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News Desk: Even today, getting on an airplane is like a dream for many people. Traveling by plane is simple and completed in less time. Let us tell you that there are many such things related to airplanes that you will be surprised to know. Actually, if any plane flies in the air, then many accidents have to be avoided. A large number of passengers are stuck in a plane.

Birds are the biggest threat when an airplane is flying in the air. An accident can happen if a bird collides with the engine of an aircraft. To avoid this, the engine of an aircraft is tested. During testing, a cock is thrown into the engine through a chicken gun in the engine of the aircraft. There is an important reason behind this testing. People hardly know this reason.

The reason for the cock being thrown into the engine

Many times while flying in the sky, birds collide with the aircraft and this causes major accidents. Because of a bird, the lives of all the passengers sitting in the plane are in danger, in such a situation, the company making it uses simulators so that the aircraft engine does not stop working due to the collision of the bird. Commercial aircraft have also been trained to fly with a single engine. Along with this, it is checked what will happen if a bird collides with the engine.

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