Do you know that you can read WhatsApp Messages Without Opening Anyone Chat?, Know-how


WhatsApp is arguably the most widely used messaging app. Now since sometimes it becomes difficult to keep track of all the messages and many times users do not want to open the whole app to read their messages. Usually, we read a new WhatsApp message through the phone’s notification without opening the chatbox. Apart from this, there are many ways to read WhatsApp messages without opening the chatbox.

Ways to read WhatsApp messages without opening chat on a smartphone-

1. Long press on your home screen. After this, a menu will appear on your screen. There tap on Widgets.
2. Now tap on Widgets. Here you will see a variety of shortcut options. After this, you find the shortcut option of WhatsApp.
3. In the shortcut options of WhatsApp, you have to tap 4 * 1 WhatsApp.
4. Touch and hold Widgets to move to the home screen.
5. You can expand it by long-pressing it on the home screen. From now on you can read the message without opening the WhatsApp message.


Ways to read WhatsApp messages without opening the chat on WhatsApp Web-

You can easily read someone’s message on WhatsApp web without opening the chat. For this, you just have to move your cursor on that chat. Moving the cursor over the chat will show the latest message and you will be able to read the message without opening the chat. In this process, the sender will not know about the message being read.


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