Do you know the truth hidden behind superstition and will be shocked if you know


Since childhood, we do not know how many things we have been following just like this. Like throwing coins in the river, hanging lemonade on the door of the house. But have you ever wondered why we do this? If you have not yet learned the logic hidden behind these superstitions and now want to know about it, then we have brought for you a list of some superstitions whose logic behind you may not be aware.

1. Taking a bath from the crematorium
Superstition- The soul of the dead person is at peace.
Logic- Earlier there was no vaccination for diseases like hepatitis, small pox, so it was bathed after the funeral so that germs of the dead body would not be harmed.

2. throwing coins in the pond
Superstition – luck is strong
Logic- Earlier coins were made of copper and copper is effective in eliminating the bacteria present inside the water. Apart from this, copper is also a good nutrient for health.


3. Eating Yogurt Before Going Somewhere
Superstition – luck will support you
Logic- By eating curd in hot weather, the stomach remains cold and glucose is increased in the body by adding sugar to the curd.

4. Do not wash hair on Tuesday and Thursday
Superstition – bad times begin
Logic- In the old days, washing hair on Tuesdays and Thursdays was considered as a way of saving water.

5. Hanging Lemon Peppers at the Door
Superstition – can avoid evil eyes.
Logic- Citric acid present in lemon-chilli prevents insects from coming inside the house.

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