Do you Know Why bird flu first spreads in chickens, crows and pigeons ?


. Outbreak of bird flu disease became common in the last few years. After almost every three to five years, the process of killing poultry, crows, pigeons and ducks starts due to avian influenza (Avian Influenza). Not only this, the chickens present in the poultry farm, which are reared for sale as chicken (meat to eat), spread disease in them. And all the chickens that come in contact with the sick hen are also buried alive for fear of bird flu. Have you ever wondered why birds, chickens, crows, pigeons and ducks etc. come first in the grip of bird flu, whereas there are thousands of species of birds. This year too, the risk of bird flu is hovering across the country.

Cases of bird flu (avian influenza) have been confirmed in almost every state.

Even in almost all the states of North West and North-Central India, thousands of crow, chickens, ducks, pigeons and peacocks etc. have been reported to have died due to bird flu . Most of the birds that die in these states are crows. These are the crows that are mostly found in cities. Bird expert N Sivakumar explains that bird flu is also a disease like corona. Although corona is now spreading from person to person, bird flu is still present in birds to birds.

It has not yet reached humans in India, but its spread and impact on respiratory system is similar to that of Corona as well as TB.

Bird flu first catches birds whose immunity is weak.


The bird flu, whose immunity is strong, does not make him ill. Talking about ravens, chickens and ducks, all the birds living in cities are of weak immunity. Due to air, water and noise pollution in cities, these birds become weak. At the same time, their food and drink are also impure, which makes them weak from inside. Crows pick up and eat anything from anywhere. Grain is put on the roads for pigeons in the middle of air pollution. They drink dirty water for many days. At the same time, ducks remain ill due to pollution in water ponds. This is the reason why bird flu spreads less in the jungle whereas in urban birds it spreads quickly and crows, pigeons, ducks are most susceptible. This is why bird flu spreads rapidly in poultry farm chicken, says Shivkumar that it is more or less the same with chickens.

Do you Know Why bird flu first spreads in chickens, crows and pigeons ?

Chickens living in poultry farms consume the most contaminated food.

They live in the most dirt and polluted environment. Huge crowds of chickens are over crowed. There is not much care. A little sick chicken is not identified. Their immunity is the weakest. Due to which even a hen falls ill, the disease spreads rapidly in each other. In such a big question, when someone eats these chickens, is he eating healthy food. Even in many reports, it has been claimed that eating chicken of poultry form is an invitation to diseases. Crows have died across the country, cases have increased in Delhi-Maharashtra.

Crows have died in the whole country.

Even in Maharashtra, the number of bird deaths has increased to more than five thousand. At the same time in Delhi, the data started with the confirmation of bird flu in crows has reached four thousand. Shivkumar says that the ban on Ghazipur market has also been removed. So eating chicken has increased the possibility of bird flu spreading in humans. More than 70 thousand chickens have been buried in Kerala. At the same time, in many states including Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, birds are found daily from bird flu or birds are getting daily.

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