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Mustard Seed Remedies – Mustard is commonly used in the kitchen to enhance the taste of food items. Mustard is also used in the treatment of many health problems. But using mustard in your kitchen will save you from many problems. Some mustard remedies will increase happiness and prosperity in your home. Let us know how you can get rid of financial problems by using mustard seeds.

Tantra Shastra says that the remedy of mustard seeds will turn your bad luck into good luck. , If luck is not favourable, if calamities surround you from all four directions, fill a pitcher with water and put some mustard leaves in it. Then take bath with that water on Saturday. By doing this your bad days will end and you will be free from poverty and diseases.

business growth
Promotion in business or shop Fill some mustard seeds, black sesame and whole coriander in three different boxes on Sunday and keep them at any place of the business place or shop. By doing this, your business will start growing gradually and the number of customers in the shop will also start increasing.

get rid of evil eye
According to Tantra Shastra, use of mustard helps in getting rid of evil eye. If someone in the house is suffering from a serious illness, light a fire with the stick of a mango tree. Then take seven mustard seeds, seven red chilies and seven grains of salt, strike the person suffering from the disease seven times with the left hand and put them in the fire. By doing this, the evil eye is removed.

Stopped work will be completed if
Some work is about to be completed but has not been completed, so donate mustard on Thursday to remove this obstacle. There will be complaint of obstruction in work.

freedom from debt
For this, on the first Saturday night of Shukla Paksha, hold mustard seeds in the right hand and throw them in the left hand and throw mustard seeds in the right hand. While doing this your face should be towards east. After this, light a two-faced lamp of mustard oil at the crossroads and come straight home without looking back.

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