Do you want to know why tears come?, Shocking reason


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Tears coming from eyes are a natural process but tears doesn’t come everytime. When we are happy and sad and are unable to express our feelings then only tears come out. In spur of emotions, a sharp product develops at the corner of eyes.

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All tears come out of tear glands, or lacrimal (say: LAH-krum-ul) glands, found way up under your upper eyelids. Tears wash down from the glands and over your eyes.

Some of the tears drain out of your eyes through tear ducts, or lacrimal ducts. These ducts are tiny tubes that run between your eyes and your nose. Each tear duct is like a tiny bathtub drain. When the tears fill up your eyes, they drain out through the tear ducts. Scientists say that if one spoon of tears put in 100 gallons of water then all impurities in a water die. Tears have such a powerful aseptic properties that has it effect in 6 thousand times more water. Psychologists say that tears help taking our heart pain out which is healthy. A person who doesn’t express their happiness and sadness through tears develop disease.


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