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Donald Trump: According to a media report, during his presidency, Trump had distributed gifts received from other countries among his daughter and son-in-law.

Washington: former american President Donald Trump and on his family Foreigner There has been an allegation of missing the gifts received from the countries. Let us tell you that during the tenure of the President, the gifts received from India as well as from many Muslim countries were not recorded in the records of the government. According to the report of the House Accountability Committee through the Democrats, Donald Trump has failed to bring foreign gifts to the country. According to a media report, Trump has not registered more than 100 gifts in government records during his presidency.

According to the report, he has distributed these gifts among his daughter and son-in-law. During his presidency, Trump’s family received 16 gifts from Saudi Arabia, which cost around $ 48,000. At the same time, India also gave more than 17 gifts. Which is being told near 17,000 dollars. At the same time, China has also given 5 gifts. According to media reports, Trump had told the number of gifts as zero in the last year of his presidency.

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Trump’s allies clarified

Giving clarification on the matter, Trump’s aides said that the gifts received by him during his presidency were his, it had no meaning with the government, so it was not reported. Let us tell you that the State Department publishes records of gifts received from other governments. But Trump, in 2021, did not report the gifts he received to the State Department when he left the White House.

Trump may be arrested on Tuesday

Let us tell you that today i.e. on Saturday, Trump gave information by posting on the social media platform. The New York Police can arrest him on Tuesday. He called on his supporters to protest.

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