Donald Trump: Will Donald Trump be arrested? RADA in America; Know the matter! – News India Live


Donald Trump News: Former US President Donald Trump has given a shocking statement. Donald Trump has posted on his social media platform Truth Social. So it can be seen that there is only one enthusiasm in America. Posting about his arrest on Tuesday, Trump himself has given information about it on social media.

Trump has said that he is likely to be arrested on Tuesday for allegedly paying off a porn star (Stormy Daniels) ahead of the 2016 election. The news is coming through the American media that he has appealed to his supporters to protest.

Trump has also said that he has received intelligence from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office that he will be arrested. Donald Trump, who disappeared from all social media platforms about 2 years ago, is slowly becoming active again. Donald Trump posted a post on Facebook after two years. In this he has written that I am back. Officials have called the claim of arrest a publicity stunt.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s social media handles were banned following the violence on Capitol Hill following the results of the US presidential election. After this, he again appealed to the supporters to come on the streets. So, will there be an outcry in America or what? Such a question is being raised.

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