Don’t miss the opportunity, this government bank is getting 8.85% interest on FDs for more than 200 days.


If you are planning to get FD then this message is for you. Customer took attractive interest in FD on behalf of Public Sector Punjab & Sind Bank. For this, Punjab and Sind Bank offers several special FDs with maximum interest of up to 8.85%.

Interest on Special FD for 222 days
Under PSB Utkarsh 222 days special FD scheme offered by Punjab & Sind Bank, common citizens earn 8.00% interest, senior citizens earn 8.50% interest and senior citizens earn 8.85% interest.

Interest on Special FD for 300 days
PSB Superb 300 Days Special FD from the bank offers 7.50% interest for general investors, 8.00% interest for senior citizens and 8.35% interest for senior citizens.

Interest on Special FD for 601 days
PSB Superb 601 Days Special FD by Punjab & Sind Bank offers 7.00% interest to general investors, 7.50% interest to senior citizens and 7.85% interest to very old citizens.

Interest on 1051 day special FD
The bank has launched PSB SRSD 1051 Days Special Fixed Deposit which offers 7.00% interest to depositors and 7.50% interest to senior investors.

interest on normal FD
2.80% to 6.25% interest on FDs of 7 days to 10 days from Punjab and Sind Bank. In this case, the maximum interest on FDs above two years and less than three years is 6.75 percent.

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