Don’t ruin your smartphone by doing these unnecessary things, otherwise, it will reduce its life


Smartphones are one of the biggest necessities of today. Most of our work is now completed on the smartphone itself. Perhaps this is the reason why people spend most of their time on smartphones. Although everyone takes care of the smartphone, still there are some mistakes that people using smartphones often make. Many smartphone users repeat these mistakes again and again, which affects the smartphone. Today let’s talk about these mistakes that can spoil any smartphone.

Do not turn off these features after the job is done

Connectivity features like Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth in the mobile must be turned off after the work is over.
Because of this, the battery consumption increases.
Turning off these features also increases the speed of the phone’s processor.
put on vibration mode

Use vibration mode only when needed.

Many people keep the vibration mode on all the time.
By doing this the battery of the phone drains quickly. Battery life also gets reduced.
keep the screen on time


The higher the screen on time, the more battery will be consumed.

You can reduce the brightness to save the battery of the phone.
Use auto-brightness mode. It adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the light. This reduces battery consumption.

Charge the mobile-only when necessary.

Do not charge the mobile when the battery is 50-60 percent.
Doing so puts pressure on the battery and increases the chances of the battery getting damaged or blasted.
Charge the phone only when the battery is 20 percent or less.


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