Drink this leaf juice to lose your weight in only 1 month , Know other benefits


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Curry leaves are most commonly used in Marathi and South Indian food. Curry leaves not only enhance the taste of food, it is also used for the treatment of such diseases. Eating empty stomach curry leaves provides many benefits. Curry leaves are good for diabetes patients. Eating curry leaves regularly gets rid of excess body fat and helps you lose weight. Actually curry leaf is full of nutrients, it is very beneficial for our digestive system, curry leaf is used in many diseases like blood pressure control, reducing obesity, hair problem.

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Apart from this, curry leaves also make our digestive system strong. Due to which fat is reduced in our body. And the weight starts decreasing. If you drink curry leaf juice or tea every morning, then you will easily lose weight. Let us know the benefits of curry leaf juice and how to make it.

Drink this leaf juice to lose your weight in only 1 month , Know other benefits

The benefits of curry leaf juice


improves digestion,

we all know that if our digestive system works properly, fat does not accumulate on the body and weight is also reduced. Eating curry leaves improves our digestive system, so that there is no problem of gas and indigestion. Apart from this, eating curry leaves also benefits the intestines. Which keeps our stomach healthy. All these things are very effective for losing weight.

Curry leaves are most effective in reducing weight.

Curry leaves serve as a catalyst for weight loss. It contains alkaloids, which have obesity and lipid lowering properties. Eating curry leaves also reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which causes weight loss. Also, blood sugar level is also controlled by eating curry leaves. It is said that blood sugar levels in the body affect both weight gain and weight loss.

Detoxes the body

By eating curry leaves every day, your body naturally detoxes. Chewing the curry leaves cleanses the body and removes harmful toxins from the body. Curry leaves also do faster calorie burning. Apart from this, it prevents fat accumulation on the body. Drinking juice or tea of ​​curry leaves every morning increases both your energy level and metabolism.

How to make curry leaf juice at home?

Take curry leaves and boil them in a little water. After a while, heat it and allow it to boil a little more. Now mix honey and lemon juice in it. Now drink it hot like juice or tea. You can drink this juice 30 minutes before exercising.


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